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What to expect when we're inspecting

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

If your vehicle is subject to a full RI state inspection every two years, here are some tips to help you pass the process, as well as some items that most commonly cause vehicles to fail. You can likely save yourself unnecessary repeat trips to the shop or inspection bay by reviewing this list and getting your vehicle in top shape to pass your next inspection.

A note before we begin, be sure to call and reserve an inspection appointment before the month it is due to be sure to claim your spot before they're all taken. The sooner you book, the greater the chance to get your car inspected before the deadline. Calling 1-2 months prior to the due date should ensure you get a spot within the month your vehicle is due.

First lets take a look at the things many people can do to get their vehicle ready for inspection:

  • Valid registration

  • Brake/head/directional/reverse/license plate lights all functioning

  • Remove any illegal tint

  • remove license plate covers

  • ensure your plate is clearly readable at 60' and in good condition

  • Ensure your tires are in good condition

  • Replace or repair any damaged glass or mirrors

For the inspection points that are not so easy to access, you can make an appointment to have your vehicle assessed for inspection and plan for any needed repairs accordingly. Doing this well in advance of your inspection due date can help ease the financial crunch if large repairs are needed. If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle for inspection, we are here to help. Contact us for an appointment and we will be happy to help get your vehicle ready for inspection.

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